Our skilled Beez understand that punctuality is key and are confident in safely navigating through a busy city for your shipment. We understand that your time is valuable and assistance in meeting a tight deadline can be crucial. Our Scoobeez program allows for small and midsize packages to be delivered to your destination. We handle everything from legal deliveries, important medication, food and produce, cakes, small office supplies and even custom requests. This program is best for small packages that fit in a 30in by 30in inclosure. Give us a call today to schedule a pickup / delivery.

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    Our Beez know the fastest routes too. Take confidence in knowing that you are the priority, as we only serve one client at a time. During urgent matters we won’t make multiple deliveries on the way to your package’s destination. Our Express program allows for multi-destination deliveries and pickups. Make sure your packages get delivered on time with the best service. Our optimal routes technology takes all your needs into consideration and automatically optimizes the delivery for efficient and quick delivery. Get your packages delivered today by scheduling a pickup / delivery with Scoobeez Express.

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    Call our hive! We will provide you the opportunity to stay on task, while we buzz to your door, and swiftly transport your honey. Our XL Program allows for midsize large packages that won’t work with our Scoobeez and Scoobeez express programs. We specialize in understanding our customers needs and requirements, thats why we specialize in getting any package you need delivered to the destination as fast as possible. We can also handle larger amount of deliveries with larger packages. Don’t miss out on the efficiency of our XL program. Get your XL packages delivered on time, when you need them. Schedule a pickup / delivery with Scoobeez XL.

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